DSC03528You need Balloons?  We got them!

Whether you need 1 or 101 balloons…we have a huge selection of colors and types.
Keep the fun going by adding Hi-Float to your balloons.
Safe, nontoxic and biodegradable, HI-FLOAT keeps your balloons inflated for much longer than regular helium.

We also have all your Balloon accessories to make your arrangement look great.

Services Offered: 

  • Balloon Decoration
  • Balloon Deliveries

    All About Balloons

    Helium is a gas.  
    When gas gets hot, it expands.  
    When gas gets cold, it contracts.  
    Leaving balloons in a car on a hot day is like leaving your family dog in the car....don't do it. The heat in the car is much worse than the air temperature. Latex balloons will expand....but for short rides, they will be fine as the latex will expand.  
    Latex balloons that are exposed to heat or sunlight will also cause the balloon to oxidize (the shiny surface of the balloon will dull).  
    Mylar (foil) balloons are a whole different set of rule. The mylar balloons don't have room to expand. The expanded gas will cause the mylar balloons to leak or pop.  
    If you are using your balloons outside, be sure to let us know. We will under inflate the mylars to allow room for expansion on hot days.  
    On cold days, generally latex balloons won't be affected. Mylars will shrink when they hit the cold air, but will expand once they are back inside a warm environment.  
    If you are in doubt, just ask. That's why we are here. 
    Normally latex balloons will last 12-18 hours before they lose their lift. Adding hi-float to balloons actually coats the inside of the balloon to seal the micro pores. Balloons will last several days...however, sometimes we have them last well over a month. Mylar balloons don't need hi-float. Be sure that the balloons treated with hi-float are allowed to dry/cure completely. Don't put them in a bag. They have to have proper air circulation to dry properly. Hi-float can't be used in any latex balloon. Cheaper grade balloons will not handle hi-float properly.
    Sometimes it makes sense to blow balloons up yourself. For these occasions, Fun Times Party Warehouse rents helium tanks.  
    28cf, 55cf and 262cf.  
    Call us today for pricing and availability.

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