A lot of people have been coming in the store lately to get balloons they bought off the internet blown up.  We see so many problems that come with buying these balloons, we felt the need to share them with you.
Generic balloon, doesn’t even float…..no tabs to tie balloon.
So, you’re searching the internet and you find that you can get large mylar/foil letter balloons for only $3-$4 each.  Wow, less than half price of what they sell for at your local party store.  STOP….to start, the price of balloons at your local party store includes the price of inflating it which usually adds $2-$4 to the price of what you paid for that balloon.  So, right there you are close to being priced the same.
Here’s the tricky part.  While the price is attractive and the pictures look great…..you’re not going to get the same quality.  Here are the most common problems we see.
  • Colors are usually dull, not bright and shiny.
  • They are smaller than what you get in a store.   Smaller means that it doesn’t hold enough helium to make it float.  It might look like it floats in the online picture you bought them from, but believe me, photos can be manipulated.
  • Higher rate of defects.  A number of balloons people bring in can’t even be inflated…or worse yet, it has a leak and you now paid for inflation and a balloon that doesn’t work.
  • Lack of quality.  Some letters don’t even have tabs for attaching ribbon.
Bright Jumbo Letter Balloon, what it should look like.
So, can you get a refund? We don’t offer refunds on inflated balloons brought in from the outside. Helium is at a all-time high and once the air is out….there’s no way to get it back. Balloons bought from our store are replaced at no charge if they are defective. We have fewer problems because we buy higher grade balloons from reputable manufacturers. Will the place you bought the balloons offer you a refund? Do you have to pay for return shipping? Will they reimburse for original shipping to you?
Worse yet…..you don’t know they are going to be a problem until you need them. At that point, what do you do?
While we are talking about balloons…..we should also mention latex balloons.
Holding generic letter balloon on left and standard helium floated letter on right.
Latex balloons have a limited shelf life and there are various grades of balloons. Professional Helium grade balloons are the only ones we sell from behind our counter. At Fun Times Party Warehouse, we rotate our balloon stock. We also have discontinued carrying small bags of balloons. You can now pick and choose the colors of balloons from the large variety of balloons that we use ourselves. Pretty much the same price as little bags, but knowing the balloons are fresh and professional grade.
Don’t risk the success of your event to an internet order. Remember the old saying, you get what you pay for….check with the party professionals if you have any questions.

So, save yourself money and your sanity by getting the balloons you want in the first place.

UPDATE June 2018:  You’re local WAL-MART is now carrying number balloons.  READ the packaging.  The packaging is very deceptive.  They look big….they are not….they can’t be filled with helium and will not float.