How do you create a dream? Good question…..but not an easy answer.


Every dream is different and the process to make that dream come true is as unique as the dream itself.


Our head dream master is Craig Slomczewski. His knowledge of television production, movie production, stage production, magic, illusions, audio and visual, technology, programming, animatronics and many others are combined to make your dreams a reality.


Looking for a special illusion or just that magical touch for your wedding, special event or even a trade show?


Whether you want to set a mood or get a point across, we can help.


Bringing a dream to life takes time, especially if it requires custom hardware or software.  So, the sooner you let us know, the better the chances we can make things happen.


Here are some of the many projects we have worked on.


[youtube id=”GDFIJiFVCK0″ width=”75″ height=”100″]


You already know what you want...but how to make your dream a reality....? While not to sound greedy or looking like all we care about is money, unfortunately it is necessary to have a budget. A budget helps us figure out if the dream you have can actually be accomplished. We don't set our prices based on your budget. This is just a guideline. You also need to let us know if this is a one time event or long term. This will help us to determine the quality and type of equipment we will require. If it's a short term event, we have a number of pieces of equipment in stock that allows us to build upon. This equipment is rented to you for your event to help keep your costs down. For example....a digital video/audio player with triggers costs about $800....but can be rented for $10-$ we will do our best to keep costs down. We will treat you like family.
We have pretty much everything.... Laser Cutters/Engraver Metal Engraver Large format printers, laminators and cutters Props Wood working Audio equipment Video equipment and a lot of software to create to material for these.